Most Important 2020 SEO Trends You Must Know

Anyone who is a pro in SEO knows that changes in this field comes fastly and in a massive style. Whenever I utilized to feel King of SEO techniques, Google always utilized to switch over something else. And I had to begin again from zero... Poor me!! And this is what we all had experienced.

And for this, it is crucial to switch your target towards the search engine's intention rather of your particular. You can accomplish that elevation only by integrating newer techniques.

So, what are the newer techniques? Is there anything that we still don't know? Today, we are going to look at the future of SEO and what is normal to change in 2020.

Structured Data & Schema will become essential : -

In simple language, search engines utilize structured data and schema to read & understand your content seamlessly. It helps to give the best search results at any provided point in time.

Structured data adds code to a website in the form of rich snippets, whereas schema makes things simpler for the audience and the search engines.

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Voice Search Optimization will be everywhere :-

who does not know, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.

Already millions of users are utilizing voice search to find queries, i.e., we love to ask anything that pops in our mind from Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. And it will only be going to increase in 2020.

There is a strong forecasting that it will not endure limited to this handful of devices; instead, the convenience of similar devices is going to increase.

It will lead to optimizing your content for voice-based search so you can rank higher.

Here's a tip from my side to up your game in this niche. Make your content mobile-friendly, utilize structured data, incorporate snippets, etc. and you are good to go!



Most Important 2020 SEO Trends You Must Know

More of Artificial Intelligence (AI) :-


Google's “Rankbrain” made it visible that AI affects the future of SEO strategies. It has become one of the top preferences of Google and other algorithm updates.

It means you should optimize your content according to AI guidelines, i.e., optimize your titles, description tags for CTR, bounce rate & dwell time, etc. It means to revive the overall SEO strategies.

How AI works?

It collects and identify all the data as per everyday occurrence and predicts accordingly what a client wants and giving it.

According to the current news, soon, Google intends to utilize AI to read the website. It will enable us to understand all the feedback and identify any content to evaluate where your business should rank in a search result.

Long-form of Quality Content will be in trend :-

Google evolves its algorithm now and then. Gone are the days when 200 words of content were the answer to all of the queries.

But not now... You can land up with ever long guides and discussions, having multiple paragraphs, sections, subsections, bullet points, etc.

Here's a leading calculation method, to evaluate how much your blog’s word count should be. Let's explore it.

How to calculate optimal blog length :-

  1. Find your top 10 posts in search by doing ‘Organic Search.'
  2. Then select your top 10 blog posts and determine their lengths utilizing the word count checker feature.
  3. Then determine the amount of content in your header, footer, and sidebar. For example, you get 125 words.
  4. The total number of shortlisted blogs is 10, and the top 10 blog post lengths extracted from word count checker is 33,192. So, the formula becomes 33,192 – (125×10) = 31,942.
  5. For best blog post length divide the answer by 10 (top 10 blog posts), i.e.,
  6. 31,942 /10 = 3,194 words in total

Is not a considerable method to calculate the best word count for blogs for your website? Share your results with us as well.

Final Thoughts on SEO in 2020 :-

For now, follow the current trends, and remaining is to guess what will happen with SEO in 2020. But looking at and predicting as per what has happened over the last 12 months, voice search and AI is almost a dead sure addition to be. All these rapid changes have altered the very landscape of SEO.

So, make sure that your websites are responsive and focus on providing the best UI experience possible to stay your game up.

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