Most Important 2020 SEO Trends You Must Know

Anyone who is a pro in SEO knows that changes in this field comes fastly and in a massive style. Whenever I utilized to feel King of SEO techniques, Google always utilized to switch over something else. And I had to begin again from zero... Poor me!! And this is what we all had experienced.

And for this, it is crucial to switch your target towards the search engine's intention rather of your particular. You can accomplish that elevation only by integrating newer techniques.

So, what are the newer techniques? Is there anything that we still don't know? Today, we are going to look at the future of SEO and what is normal to change in 2020.

Structured Data & Schema will become essential : -

In simple language, search engines utilize structured data and schema to read & understand your content seamlessly. It helps to give the best search results at any provided point in time.

Structured data adds code to a website in the form of rich snippets, whereas schema makes things simpler for the audience and the search engines.

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Voice Search Optimization will be everywhere :-

who does not know, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches.

Already millions of users are utilizing voice search to find queries, i.e., we love to ask anything that pops in our mind from Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. And it will only be going to increase in 2020.

There is a strong forecasting that it will not endure limited to this handful of devices; instead, the convenience of similar devices is going to increase.

It will lead to optimizing your content for voice-based search so you can rank higher.

Here's a tip from my side to up your game in this niche. Make your content mobile-friendly, utilize structured data, incorporate snippets, etc. and you are good to go!



Most Important 2020 SEO Trends You Must Know

More of Artificial Intelligence (AI) :-


Google's “Rankbrain” made it visible that AI affects the future of SEO strategies. It has become one of the top preferences of Google and other algorithm updates.

It means you should optimize your content according to AI guidelines, i.e., optimize your titles, description tags for CTR, bounce rate & dwell time, etc. It means to revive the overall SEO strategies.

How AI works?

It collects and identify all the data as per everyday occurrence and predicts accordingly what a client wants and giving it.

According to the current news, soon, Google intends to utilize AI to read the website. It will enable us to understand all the feedback and identify any content to evaluate where your business should rank in a search result.

Long-form of Quality Content will be in trend :-

Google evolves its algorithm now and then. Gone are the days when 200 words of content were the answer to all of the queries.

But not now... You can land up with ever long guides and discussions, having multiple paragraphs, sections, subsections, bullet points, etc.

Here's a leading calculation method, to evaluate how much your blog’s word count should be. Let's explore it.

How to calculate optimal blog length :-

  1. Find your top 10 posts in search by doing ‘Organic Search.'
  2. Then select your top 10 blog posts and determine their lengths utilizing the word count checker feature.
  3. Then determine the amount of content in your header, footer, and sidebar. For example, you get 125 words.
  4. The total number of shortlisted blogs is 10, and the top 10 blog post lengths extracted from word count checker is 33,192. So, the formula becomes 33,192 – (125×10) = 31,942.
  5. For best blog post length divide the answer by 10 (top 10 blog posts), i.e.,
  6. 31,942 /10 = 3,194 words in total

Is not a considerable method to calculate the best word count for blogs for your website? Share your results with us as well.

Final Thoughts on SEO in 2020 :-

For now, follow the current trends, and remaining is to guess what will happen with SEO in 2020. But looking at and predicting as per what has happened over the last 12 months, voice search and AI is almost a dead sure addition to be. All these rapid changes have altered the very landscape of SEO.

So, make sure that your websites are responsive and focus on providing the best UI experience possible to stay your game up.

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Python Language Features And Usage

Introduction to Python

Python is a powerful dynamic programming language. It was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, Netherlands.

It is Beginner Friendly

Python is a beginner friendly language. It is best known for its simple syntax and readable code. Python is designed to be highly readable.

Python's syntax is very simple and is like English language. Where other programming languages ​​use punctuation marks such as a semicolon (;) etc. Python uses simple English keywords. Apart from English, python is also affected by mathematics.

Both Functional & Object Oriented

Python is also functional and object oriented. You can use it as a scripting language or you can use it as a programming language.

In Python you can either write programs using object oriented features like classes like Java and C #, or you can also create programs by functions just like C and C ++ languages.


Python Language Features And Usage

Python Language Features And Usage

Open Source

Python is an open source programming language. Its code is available under the GNU General Public License.

Platform Independent

Python is a platform independent language. It works on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux etc.


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Features of Python

Python is a unique language. Its features make it different from other languages. Some of the popular features of Python are being described below.


Python is an interpreted language. You do not need to compile your code before running the program. Python code is processed by the interpreter at run time itself.

Python has proved to be an excellent language for rapid prototyping because of this feature of Python. Because you do not need to compile the code again and again.

This can generate rapid prototype of large applications and test them.

However, python is slightly slower than compiled languages ​​like C and C ++ due to being intepreted. Because in those languages ​​the code is run directly once compiled and no processing is done and the python code is processed by the interpreter before it is completely run.

But even then this feature of python is very important because by compiled languages ​​you cannot do important work like rapid prototyping.

Less Code Writing

Performing any task in Python requires writing fewer statements than any other programming language.

Python's syntax is designed to perform tasks in minimal code. In Java, the same code is executed in less than half the code of python.

Dynamically Typed

In Python you do not need to define the data types of variables in advance.Python itself gauges their information types dependent on the qualities ​​stored in the factors.

This reduces the workload of developers. In addition, the developer also avoids potential mistakes related to data types.

Strongly Typed

Python is a strongly typed language. In this, like other programming languages, you cannot convert the value of one data type to the value of another data type.

If you have used C or C ++ languages ​​then you must have found that those languages ​​automatically convert the data of one data type to the value of another data type. But this is not possible in Python.

Usage of Python

As I mentioned earlier python can also be used as a scripting language and can also be used as a programming language. This makes the scope of this language more than other languages.

Some popular and important uses of python are being told next.

  • Python is used for server side web development.
  • Python is used to handle (analyze) big data.
  • Python is used for rapid prototyping.
  • Python is used to solve complex mathematical problems.
  • Many big organizations like Google, Facebook and Quora etc. use python.

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SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Azure, AWS, and GCP: A Guide

The public cloud offers a variety of options for providing high availability and disaster recovery protection for SQL Server database applications. on the contrary, some of the rational choice available in a private cloud are not available in the public cloud. Given the numerous options and limitations, the challenge faced by system and database administrators is conclude the best applicable options for each application running in hybrid and purely public clouds.

All cloud service providers (CSPs) have service level agreements (SLAs) with money-back guarantees for when uptime falls below specified levels, usually ranging from 95.00% to 99.99%. Four nines of uptime is generally accepted as constituting HA, and to be eligible for these 99.99% SLAs, the configurations need to meet certain requirements.

But be forewarned: The SLAs only guarantee “dial tone” at the server level, and explicitly excluded many causes of downtime at the database and application levels. These exclusions inevitably include natural disasters, the customer’s actions (or inactions), and the customer’s system or application software. There may also be a separate SLA for storage that is lower than the one for servers. So while it is advantageous to leverage various aspects of a CSP’s infrastructure, additional provisions are needed to ensure adequate uptime for mission-critical SQL Server databases.


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Differences between HA and DR

Properly leveraging the cloud’s resilient infrastructure requires understanding key differences between “failures” and “disasters” because those differences affect the choice of provisions used for HA and DR protections. Failures are small in scale and short in duration, affecting a server, rack, or the power or cooling in a single datacenter. Disasters have more widespread and enduring impacts, and can affect multiple data centers in ways that preclude rapid recovery.

The most consequential effect involves the location of the redundant resources (systems, software and data), which can be local—on a Local Area Network—for recovering from a localized failure. However, the redundant resources needed to recover from a major disaster must extend over a Wide Area Network.

For database applications that require high transactional capacity, the ability to synchronously replicate the data from the active instance over the LAN ensures that the standby instance is "hot" and ready to take over instantly in the event of a failure. Such a rapid recovery should be the goal of all HA requirements



SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Azure, AWS, and GCP: A Guide


Data must be replicated asynchronously in DR configurations to prevent the latency inherent in the WAN from adversely impacting on the throughput performance in the active instance. This means that updates being made to the standby instance always lag behind updates being made to the active instance, making it “warm” and resulting in an unavoidable delay during the manual recovery process.

All three major CSPs accommodate these differences with redundancies both within and across datacenters. Of particular interest is the variously named “availability zone” that makes it possible to combine the synchronous replication available on a LAN with the geographical separation afforded by the WAN. These zones connect two or more regional data centers via a low-latency, high-throughput network to facilitate synchronous data replication. With latencies around one millisecond, the use of multi-zone configurations has become a best practice for HA.

For DR, all CSPs have offerings that span multiple regions to afford additional protection against major disasters that could affect multiple zones. For example, Google has what could be called DIY (Do-It-Yourself) DR guided by templates, cookbooks and other tools. Amazon and Microsoft have managed DRaaS (DR-as-a-Service) offerings: CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, and Azure Site Recovery respectively.

For all three CSPs it is important to note that data replication across regions must be asynchronous, so the recovery will need to be performed manually to ensure minimal or no data loss. 

However, the resulting delay in recovery is tolerable as disasters across the region are rare.

Making SQL Server “always on”

SQL Server offers two of its own HA/DR features: Always On Failover Cluster Instances and Always On Availability Groups. FCIs afford three notable advantages: inclusion in the less expensive Standard Edition; protection of the entire SQL Server instance; and support in all versions since SQL Server 7. A significant disadvantage is the need for a storage area network (SAN) or other form of shared storage, which is unavailable in the cloud. The lack of shared storage was addressed in Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition with the introduction of Storage Spaces Direct. But S2D also has limitations; most notably its inability to span availability zones.

SQL Server’s other HA/DR feature, Always On Availability Groups, is a more robust solution capable of providing rapid recovery with no data loss. Among its other advantages are inclusion in SQL Server 2017 for Linux, no need for shared storage, and readable secondaries for queries (with appropriate licensing). But for Windows it requires licensing the substantially more expensive Enterprise Edition and it lacks protection for the entire SQL Server instance.

It is worth noting that SQL Server also offers a Basic Availability Groups feature, but it supports only a single database per Availability Group, making it suitable for only the smallest of environments.

The limitations associated with both options have created a need for third-party failover clustering solutions purpose-built to provide HA/DR protection for virtually all Windows and Linux applications in private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
These software solutions at least facilitate real-time data replication, continuous monitoring that can detect application-level errors and configurable failover and failback policies. Most also offer a variety of value-added capabilities, including some specific to popular applications like SQL Server.


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How advertisers use PPC to improve their business online

How advertisers use PPC to improve their business online

There are many engagement models that one can choose to grow their business online. Search engine optimization, content, and marketing on social media are widespread practices in this digital age. The goal of any other marketing strategy is to work on relevant insights and target groups that are identifiable for the desired products/services. Some free marketing strategies offered by SEO companies are effective but may take a little longer than normal to strengthen the bond with the target audience, while paid marketing campaigns are not a good idea for those who want to achieve results in a short period of time.


In this blog we will focus on one of the forms of paid digital marketing, namely PPC advertisements (pay-per-click). Websites, search engines and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram stimulate user involvement through PPC advertisements. PPC can be distinguished into advertisements that help generate traffic and advertisements that help build brand awareness. The demand is high for such types of ads that generate leads and increase user engagement. In PPC ads, marketers pay for a network when a user has taken an action based on the type of ad shown to the latter.

3 places where advertisers use PPC to stimulate online marketing and how you can optimize it for your market


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Social PPC

A form of PPC services is social pay per click that focuses on advertising efforts on social media platforms. You can target ads based on demographics, behavior and relevant user interests based on platform type. Social PPC ads are usually displayed in a user's timeline or feed. Advertisers can opt for costs per thousand impressions (CPM) or costs per click (CPC) to get a better grip on the target group.


The display of your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube does not go unnoticed and can increase user engagement. Before you start with your ad type, review the underlying principles that make social media ads the front runners of digital marketing. There is no golden rule about how advertisements will work for a specific market and target audience , but if you have done enough homework with your target audience and competitors, spending more in the long term is not a gamble. PPC is considered an advanced form of paid marketing where the stakes are high and the returns are just as rewarding

Facebook charges $ 1.72 for every click on ads in the industry, while $ 6.70 per 1000 impressions are the average cost of Instagram to attract end-users. The average rate to promote someone's tweet on Twitter is $ 1.35 and to reach 100k viewers on YouTube, the average cost is $ 20k, which is nearly $ .10 - $. 30 costs per view.

Keep an eye on the ads you implement, landing pages where you sent your ads and your target market. Going PPC not only scales your brand in the existing time, but also paves the way for future campaign activities.




search engine

Whether it is Google, Yahoo or Bing - companies cannot choose but must be willing to increase their chances of reaching the target audience of their type. You should not only use AdWords, but also find a viable ad that meets demands based on requirements. Google charges more than other search engines for the simple fact that it has a wider user base.

Startups and companies that like to take low risks have the option to start their campaigns such as Yahoo and Bing, where the cost per click is lower than Google. This will help them better understand the nuances of online marketing and help them focus solely on their campaigns and how they can take it to the next level. In every paid marketing there is no guaranteed success, so it is better to start your campaigns with fewer bets and to slowly go up the ladder while understanding the market, capital and audience at the same time.

Launch a campaign

All successful AdWords campaigns start with powerful research. Before you start your campaigns, you must ask questions and go deeply into what your target audience needs and expects from your products or services. What they were looking for and what you will offer them.

Enter keywords that are relevant to the market and your campaign will start in no time. If the sentences do not match what your target audience is looking for, your campaign will not make sense. Therefore prioritize keywords so as not to exceed your budget indefinitely. Once you have your budget at hand, you start working backwards. Map your ideal objective and mark the expected conversion rate, divided into a number of campaigns that you target. For e.g. in campaign 1, your goal is to convert 5-10% of your total audience into leads. You can then adjust the goal in subsequent campaigns depending on the goal achieved in the completed campaign


Once your keywords are finalized, create an ad text that speaks volumes about your product / services in one go. It should be attractive for end users to find out more about what you have to offer. Create compelling content with quality headings, descriptions and display. Make your copy valuable and credible that revolves around your USP. A successful campaign is not complete without a powerful call-to-action, improved ad extensions, and compelling landing pages. Happiness is on your side with a bit of hard work and a clear strategy with which you can be one step ahead of your competitors.


For experienced advertisers, the work does not end simply by deploying PPC campaigns on social media platforms. The performance of ad variations and ad groups must be monitored based on data collected by analytical tools. Once advertisers have robust data, they have the option to adjust strategies in real-time by adjusting the keywords in real-time. The optimization process only gets better after the campaigns have started. New keywords and advertisements can be added, changed, replaced and adjusted based on target audience data. Sometimes even a qualified and experienced advertiser finds obstacles in the implementation of PPC campaigns. There may be few hits and misses, taking into account user behavior and competition, but there is no doubt that people have the potential to grow their business 10X with PPC advertising campaigns. We are training institute, if you want to know more about PPC, then kindly contact PPC training in Chandigarh.


What’s New in WordPress 5.3 (New Blocks, New APIs)

What’s New in WordPress 5.3 (New Blocks, New APIs)

WordPress 5.3 is getting closer (we are now in WordPress 5.3 RC2) and we can't wait to see all the new features and improvements in action.

So what can we expect from WordPress 5.3?

First and foremost, a whopping number of releases of the Gutenberg plugin is going to be merged into the core, from 5.4 to 6.6. This means that we will see a lot of features and improvements for both users and developers, as well as a significant boost in performance.

But there’s much more than Gutenberg in WordPress 5.3.


In fact, 5.3 presents several enhancements related to the Site Health Tool, a new standard theme (TwentyTwenty), UI improvements, better PHP 7.4 support, improved accessibility and much more.


That's a lot of amazing things, right? Then, fasten your belt and go deeper into WordPress 5.3.



WordPress 5.3

WordPress 5.3 Release Schedule

At the time of this writing, the next Major Release of WordPress is close to being stable. We can still expect more bug fixes before the final release, scheduled for November 12, 2019, but no further confirmations are allowed for further improvements or feature requests.

Release Schedule

Now, save the date and let’s move on and dive deep into WordPress 5.3 features and improvements.


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What’s New With the Block Editor

Since it was first launched, the Block Editor has been regularly improved thanks to the commitment of contributors from all around the world. However, new releases are not merged into core as soon as they’re available.

With 5.3, thirteen releases of the Gutenberg plugin are going to be merged into core all at once. So, if you haven’t been using the Gutenberg plugin so far, and you haven’t regularly updated it over time, you’ll find a lot of enhancements and new features in in Block Editor with the launch of WordPress 5.3.

Overall performance improvements have been reported as well. The following benchmark compares performances for a huge post (36,000 words/1,000 blocks) with different versions of the Gutenberg plugin.

You shouldn’t register such differences in loading time with regular posts, but it’s quite clear the general improvement in the editor’s performance.

Improvements in the Editing Experience

If you have not previously installed the Gutenberg plugin, you will find a whole new block: the group block. Added to the editor with the release of Gutenberg 5.5, the Group block is an all-purpose container for other blocks allowing you to create advanced block templates to be included in any page of your WordPress website.

The new Group block supports wide adjustment and background colors, which gives WordPress users a lot of freedom when creating content.

Besides the Group block, we had a look at ten improvements in the Block Editor that should have a great impact on the way you are using the editor.

1. The Block Appender

The Group and Columns blocks now show a block appender on empty state. The appender is just a grey area with a plus sign inside that makes the UI clearer and improves the block usability.

2. Grouping Blocks by Group Interaction

You can now create Group blocks by ‘group’ interaction, meaning that you can select multiple blocks and group them with a few clicks only. You just need to add all the blocks you need to the selection, then click on Group in the ellipsis menu. Done!

3. Custom width Columns

The column block now supports a slider control in Block Settings so that you can set a custom width for each column (in a future release we can expect further improvements to the column block with the introduction of a draggable resize control).

4. A Layout Picker For Columns Blocks

A further improvement to the column block in WordPress 5.3 is the layout selector. Added to the editor with Gutenberg 6.0, this feature allows users to choose from several predefined layouts (patterns) or skip to the default layout, speeding up a bit the editing process and making the block easier to use for less tech-savvy users.

The layout picker is an implementation of the Block Patterns API which provides a way to choose between a predefined set of options to pick from when adding a block. In addition to the column block, we can find examples of block patterns in cover blocks and tables .


You can read more about the Block Patterns API on GitHub.

5. Table Block Improvements

The table block has been improved with several new features. It now supports text adjustments in table headers and footers, columns and background colors.

6. Block Navigation Mode

Gutenberg 6.3 introduced the Navigation Mode to navigate between blocks using Tab or arrow keys without going into block content. Users can switch from Navigation Mode to Edit Mode and back just by hitting Enter or Esc. This feature is a great improvement in usability, especially when it comes to screen readers.

7. Added Motion to Block Changes and Rearrangements

An additional improvement in usability comes with the introduction of motion to block changes, creation, removal, and reordering. Matías Ventura explains why this feature is relevant:

Consider the case of a list containing a set of items: the action of moving, reordering, and so on, doesn’t just affect the single item being acted on but also the rest of the set, particularly the one that is "exchanging" places "With. Reality conveys to us that in order to put something in the place of something else both things have to move. The change in the general state of the whole group can be more difficult to understand simply by changing the order instantly. It takes a moment to reorient. Transitions and gesture-based interactions generally help to connect these two states in a way that makes the interaction ("what just happened") more immediately understandable.

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